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Video Part 1 of 2:  The first attempt to communicate with “Steve”


Within the first few moments of our attempt to communicate with Steve, Gary felt a presence grabbing both arms pulling him towards the creek.  Within seconds, the EVP recorded the sounds, “go further.”  Gary was so disturbed by his experience, he insisted abandoning the site and any involvement.  The first attempt to communicate with Steve came to a close.



This EVP was capture on our first evp session just 3 seconds prior  so Gary getting grabbed. “Go Further”


This EVP is faint so you might want to turn your volume up.


As the team was packing up to leave, one of the members saw the shadow of a white figure crossing the bridge.  They moved towards the bridge where sounds of rocks being thrown below the bridge and near the guard rails were heard by everyone.  The KII Meter started responding to several questions being directed to “Steve” and Class B EVPs recorded, “help” while other Class C EVPs were also recorded.

EVP (help)




While the investigative team made their way back to their cars, the KII Meter continued to record high energy levels and direct responses from questions being asked of “Steve.”


Ghost Hunting Investigation Highway 22


The Dark Revelations team recently headed to Bosque County, TX at the request of a good friend who had lost someone in a tragic automobile accident.


To fully understand the investigation, we need to take you back more than 10 years to the night of the accident along the dark country roads of Highway 22.  Imagine, if you will, only the lights from the night sky.


Steve and his wife were returning home late one night after a holiday party with friends.  He lost control of the car and in an instant the couple found themselves careening off the side of the slippery road and subsequently trapped in their overturned car.


Steve perished in the accident and his wife lay trapped on top of his lifeless body nearly two days until help arrived.  Strangely, it was Steve’s body that kept his wife just out of harms way of the deadly waters.


Despite the many years since his friend’s death and his overall skepticism of the paranormal, Gary continued to struggle with unanswered questions and a strong desire to revisit Steve’s place of death.


January 10, 2009; the phase of the moon was full, the night was bitterly cold and clear.  The Dark Revelations team arrived at the site with Gary, Steve’s lifelong friend, anxious to begin.  There seemed to be an uneasiness which settled over everyone and strange experiences began to happen to each of the team members.  The KII Meter was definitely registering electromagnetic fields and there were several Electronic Voice Phenomenon (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) captured on the digital voice recorders that night.


But the most unusual experience that night belonged to that of Steve’s friend, who in many ways simply wanted to know his lifelong friend was at peace.  He began to encounter what he described later as a familiar presence around him…




Video Part 2 of 2:  The second attempt to communicate with “Steve”


Upon returning to the Highway 22 site, this time without Gary, the Dark Revelations team utilized an EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Meter for nearly 15 minutes sweeping the area of the creek and bridge for possible activity, resulting in normal activity.Next, the KII meter was used in an attempt to communicate with Steve utilizing random questions.  Before ending the session, all the battery life in the EMF Meter, camera, and camcorders were prematurely and simultaneously exhausted.  Recorded several Class C EVPs during this session.


After returning from charging and replacing the batteries in the equipment, the third attempt to communicate with “Steve” in the creek was under way.  The KII Meter registered activity only once.  The Dark Revelations team decided to leave since there was apparently no more activity.


Part 2 Ghost Hunting Investigation Highway 22

Part 1 Ghost Hunting Investigation Highway 22

Here is some class c EVP’s that we recorded during our ghost hunting investigation. We cannot make out what they are saying. Tell us what You  think.

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