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Texas Ghost Hunters


Welcome to Texas Ghost Hunters! We are a Texas based ghost hunting group who are enthusiastic about everything paranormal, and share an interest in reporting stories of ghostly activity, ghost photos, ghost voices and haunted places.


Our main goal is to share, have fun, experience and capture ghost activity .


We are made up of open-minded individuals located in Dallas  Texas who share in the belief of the paranormal. Our documented experiences have taken us to haunted places in Texas and surrounding states where unfortunate and untimely deaths have occurred; abandon fields and barns, cemeteries, and churches.










































































We include the not so welcomed places where mass murders have been known to take place; remote areas, religious compounds, highways and tunnels.  


So it is now that we invite you on this journey into the paranormal, to share your own personal paranormal experiences or perhaps suggest places you’ve always wondered about – places you suspect ghost activity.  Contact us at and a Texas Ghost Hunters  team member will respond via email.




Texas Ghost Hunters online community

Join the Dark Revelations online community and share in a wide variety of alternative topics.  Upload pictures, videos and access many other special features. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so if you enjoy the paranormal and alternative topics please, join the community today! Click Here to join Texas Ghost Hunters Online Community

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Do you think you have had a paranormal experience? If so, we would like to hear your ghost stories

EVP’s Ghost Voices


EVP’s or Ghost Voices, also known as electronic voice phenomena, usually the voices were not heard at the time the EVP was recorded. These EVP recordings were captured during our paranormal investigations. The Ghost Voices differ widely from each other sometimes they jump right out because they are so clear and some you can barely hear. Most of the EVP’s or Ghost Voices that we put up on our website are very clear. When clicking on the ghost voice file to listen to them the files may sound broken up the first time they come in. Take time & listen to some EVP’s. Click here to listen to all the EVP’s Ghost Voices


Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) - Disembodied "voices" and sounds imprinted on audio recording devices.


EVP Ghost Voices File 1(come to me bitch)

Listen Here


EVP Ghost Voices File 2 (Daddy Stop Fat Chance)

Listen Here


EVP Ghost Voices File 3 (Investigator name JEFF!)

Listen Here




Texas Ghost Hunters-Best Ghost Photos from haunted places in Texas


These are some of the Best Ghost Photo’s taken on some of our ghost hunting investigations. Although these pictures are taken with a digital camera they are untouched except for the reference points to identify the ghost in the picture. These ghost photo’s are genuine ghost photos of the unexplained. Click on the ghost photo to enlarge. Click here to see all the Ghost Photos


Ghost photo - Apparition

Ghost Photo-Apparition

Click here for ghost photo to enlarge


Ghost  Photo - Streak of orange light

Ghost Photo Streak of light

Click here for ghost photo to enlarge


Ghost Photo - Mothman

Ghost Photo Mothman

Click here for ghost photo to enlarge


Request a Paranormal InvestigationRequest a Paranormal Investigation


Do you live in Texas and think you know of a place that has paranormal (ghostly) activity? Is there a location near you that you feel has something “odd” or “strange” about it and like for us to investigate.  Click Here to request a Paranormal Investigation

Photo Gallery of Haunted PlacesPhoto Gallery  of  Haunted Places


This Photo Gallery of Haunted Places is a collection of places we have been or investigated paranormal activity. It is my passion to photograph abandoned buildings, cemeteries, churches, railroads. There's something undeniably creepy about abandoned properties. You always wonder what the story behind it is. Did the Owners die here? Is the place haunted? You wander about what happened in there. The truth might not be half as exciting as the doubt, but, the doubt still remains. Enjoy the photos l just let the inside story remain a mystery.... Click Here to check out the Photo Gallery of Haunted Places

Short Cuts

The Basics of Paranormal Investigation


Best Ghost Photo's




Ghost Voices! Real EVP recordings


Famous Haunted Places







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